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Hey, I'm Matt.

I've always felt like I see the world a little differently. Quiet. Calm. Still. These are the moments I live for. These are the moments I seek out and gravitate towards. I find inspiration in sound rather than sight. Most of my photographs are influenced by pieces of music I have in my head at the time. I find inspiration in nature. Some of the most profound moments I can remember have came in the forest, staring into a fire, with the stars burning above me.

I'm a destination wedding and elopement photographer based out of Peterborough, Ontario. I'm hopelessly addicted to travel. I have a longing to see every single country at least once. The only thing that sets my soul on fire more than traveling somewhere new is meeting rad couples in love. The kind of love you can see from a mile away. The kind of love you can see in every fleeting glance and every crooked smile. You're the reason I do this.


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peterborough Wedding Photographer

"Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love." Rumi



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We were recommended to Matt by another photographer who’s dates fell through for us. At the time I was so stressed out, fearing that we wouldn’t find someone else we connected with. The first few conversations we had with Matt put me right at ease and even got me excited about all the potential beauty and fun to be had during our wedding photos. It is immediately evident that Matt is a total romantic, he loves love and is filled with glee to be able to capture people at their lovey-doviest. And as an artist he takes his work very serious - I love the way he plays with light in all his photos and that he isn’t afraid to commit to getting a shot he knows will be amazing. The thing I appreciated the most about Matt is his documentary style-photography. I knew if we had a photographer who was very chatty or intent on posing us for every shot it would distract us from each other, I didn’t want to lose that magic! Matt gave us a few notes here and there to make sure we looked our best and then fell silent and let us have our moments soaking in the fact that we were finally husband and wife! The photos he sent to us are filled with beautiful memories that I will cherish forever, but they are also special to me because each one is a frame-worthy piece of art!

Emily D.

Matt captured our wedding and I could not have asked for a better experience. His dedication and creativity made for such a relaxed day. Not only have I received endless comments on how amazing the sneak peek photos are, but I have also received an outstanding amount of compliments on how well put together, approachable, and professional he was. The wedding party loved him, the guests loved him, and the staff at the venue loved him. You WILL love him.

Shannon C.

Matt did the photography for our intimate, family only wedding in January of this year. I approached Matt to do this for me only a short time in advance and he kindly made arrangements to be available for our special day. Matt took the time to meet with me in person and get to know me and what I was looking for. He asked tons of questions and was very reassuring as the pictures were very important to us. He was such an easy person to get to know. He is so genuine and I think that he is able to read people so well to get an idea of the type of pictures someone will want. We were so amazed with Matt on the day of our wedding. He was the only person there who wasn’t part of our immediate family in a very small setting and he was so relaxed and it felt organic that he was there. He was so personable with the family and he fit right into our day. The pictures he took captured the raw emotions of the day and he truly captured each feeling and special moment. The pictures he took are pieces of art and you can feel how everyone was feeling when you look at each one. We are so in love with our experience with Matt- from the second you meet him his love and passion for photography shines through him. We could not be happier that he was a part of our day and we will be in love with these pictures for the rest of our lives!

Emily O.


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What can we expect to pay?

My prices start at $2400 for wedding coverage. I offer different packages to suit all of your needs. For more information on packages click here.

How many images do we get back?

Because every wedding is so different, it's impossible for me to tell you exactly how many images you'll get back. A typical 8 hour wedding ends up with about 400 - 500 individual hand edited images returned.

Are you willing to travel?

I love to travel. Travel rates will be factored into your final package price. Overnight accommodation fees may be applicable depending on the location of your event.

What about destination weddings?

I offer special packages specifically for destination weddings and elopements.

Do you bring a second photographer?

You can choose to add a second photographer to any package for a fee of $400. I'm also comfortable covering your entire day by myself if you prefer.

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